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1. Various Vending Machine
l Food and beverage vending machine;
l Specialized food vending machine for fast food, noodles, chips, pizza and others
l Fruit vending machine, vegetables and fruit, meat fresh vending machines, etc.
l Medium-small goods vending machines for make-up, adult goods, medicines, flower, pots, magazine, newspaper ,etc.
l Mini-shop vending machine for the daily provisions, etc.
l Water vending machine and ice cream vending machine, etc.
l Ticketing vending machine, card selling vending machine, lottery vending machine, change vending machine and other related facilities.
l Other new innovative vending machines

2. Gift Vending Machine
Gashapon machines, toy crane machine, tobacco crane machine, gift vending machine, candy crane machine, lottery vending machine, scissor machine, coin machine, scissor gift machine, kid gift machine, Wechat ads gift machine, etc.

3. Vending Machine Accessories
Case, touch screen, power cabinet, chasis, sheet metal parts, lighting, micro motor, spring, electromagnet, circuit group, lockset, switch, goods aisle, button, auxiliary goods, etc.

4. Self-service Coffee Facilities and Raw Material
Coffee vending machine, self-service milk frother, coffee cup, cup base, coffee spoon, coffee and tea package materials and equipment, etc. Coffee bean, cooked coffee bean, instant coffee, coffee beverage, coffee and tea E.S.E; coffee-mate, coffee sugar, coffee flavor, coffee wine/tea raw material; vending machine selling and OCS, etc.

5. Fast Moving Consumer Goods Vending Machine
Bottled and canned beverage/mineral water/distilled water, small packaged food and commodities, and other product vending machines comprising the candy, chewing gum, biscuit, dry fruit, instant noodles, chips, popcorn, ice cream, yogurt, vegetables, etc.

6. Payment System and Self-service Vending Technology
Coin system, coin collector/coin hopper, bill acceptor, contactless card, non-cash payment system, Wechat payment system, union payment system, intelligent shopping terminal, handheld POS, desktop POS, remote monitoring system, route operation system, data collection and reporting system, wireless communication system, GPS, E-commerce application, short distance communication terminal, short distance communication chip, short distance data transmission module, bluetooth transmission system, etc.

7. Vending Service Product Operation Enterprises
Food and beverage suppliers, specialized vending product suppliers, related certification institutes, media, magazines and websites, etc.

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