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Who Can Profit from Chinese 10 Billion Vending Market

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In the run-up to tapping into China’s vending machine market, you are best off getting acquainted with its weakness or inadequacy.
Intelligence Leads the Vending 
Vending machine now serves a better vending experience with cutting-edge techs and intelligent service supporting rather than simple self-service retailing. Capitalizing on advanced cloud management system, vending machine could be easily operated and controlled on mobile terminal. Fully penetration of such intelligent retailing terminal is prone to realize multi-win-win situation among manufacturers, franchisees and consumers. 
For instance, a vending machine equipped with LBS( location-based service) would be far easier to be located and found by consumers. And remote monitoring system will be of great significance and help for refill when the vending machine is in low stock. Preference analysis will be also enhanced with the aim of promoting the customer experience, meanwhile.
Intelligent vending machine market is already a hot land in developed countries. But in China, technology for vending machine still has a long way to go. Who owns the technology, who profits from Chinese prospective market.
In the run-up to tapping into China’s vending machine market, you are best off getting acquainted with its weakness or inadequacy.
Weakness and Solution of China’s Vending Machines Market 
Merely about 200,000 set of vending machines operating in China. Vending machines market for the time being leaves much room for improvement, namely there are still a lot of issues to be addressed.
1. Poor Capability in R & D of Vending Machine Manufacturing: uniformity of vending machines is high on the agenda as they adopt varying software systems, operation models. Even though a part of vending machine are accessible to internet, much more optimization could be done for a better user experience.
2. Lack of Muti-combination of Software System: Background monitoring and statistic systems seriously affect the operation of vending machines. IoT technology, data collection, mobile payment, remote control system all together contribute to the stable running of vending machine. But it is difficult for a traditional manufacturing company to develop such software system shortly. The most efficient way is to introduce from western advanced technology companies.
3. Extensive Vending Management: China’s vending machines mostly lack of advanced and standardized management system. A vast majority of operators merely settle down the vending machines leading to an extensive vending management or less satisfactory vending service for the terminal users. It is time for the vending operators to introduce state-of-the-art ERP system, membership system, marketing system and other professional vending systems to retail accurately. China’s vending market could be aggressively propelled with the rise of high-end hardware and software configurations. In this case, a great deal of opportunities comes to the foreign vending enterprises who own leading vending software system.
Large as China’s vending machines market is, the market remains less developed in technology. High-tech leading enterprises engaging in smart vending machine stand a good chance to lead the field in China. Now, mark your calendar and save the date to attend China’s premier event - 2018China International Vending Machines & Self-service Facilities Fair(China VMF2018).


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