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Unmanned Retail Market Makes a Splash

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The unmanned retail industry will be underscored for the years to come

 Spokesman Gao Feng of Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China denoted that the unmanned retail industry will be underscored for the years to come. Retail Technical Innovation Framework and related application cases will be also issued in an attempt to advance the innovation ability and technical application of retail enterprises.

Unmanned retail stores recently have seen a robust development. As Mr. Gao said, the transformation of domestic retail industry has been mainly motivated by growing progresses in AI, mobile payment, IOT and other cutting-edge technologies.

At present, unmanned retail stores could be categorized into unmanned supermarkets, convenient stores, retail gondola. Most of them occupy a quite small space but need a large investment on technology. Unmanned retail store significantly satisfies the customers’ demand for individualism and multiculture, as well as gives fully play to its convenience feature.

Mr. Gao pointed out that unmanned store has advantages over cost, efficiency, experience when it compared to traditional business mode. As an emerging industry, unmanned store stands at its infancy stage and faces a series of changes on monitor mechanism, technology maturity, etc.

2017 marks the unmanned retail era in China and gains enormous momentum to burst out! Domestic retail behemoths such as RT-Mart, Alibaba, Suning.com, HeMa Fresh, missfresh.com are bullish about the unmanned retail market. Having had the favors from capitalists, this market looks poised to upend the conventional brick-and-mortar sector.

Li Yang who is in charge of missfresh.com introduced that regional delivery center is the major business model of missfresh.com. Literally, when the customers order online, the products will be directly supplied from regional delivery center which is designed to simplify inventory management, save delivery time. To a great extent, mishfresh.com as well as other e-commerce gateways hold the features of unmanned retail business.

Furthermore, the unmanned transaction literally takes advantage of the unmanned gondola set at the regional delivery center, it is a flexible speed-to-market delivery options.

Unmanned retail market in China springs up and is well recognized! China International Vending Machines & Self-service Facilities Fair(China VMF) has always been engaging in creating a productive trade platform and technical exchange opportunities for global retailers and clients. Remarkably, China VMF2018 returns to its stage during March 4-6, 2018. Welcome to join us!

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