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China VS Japan: Vending Machine Market

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Vending machine has been developed greatly along with people’s rising consumption ability and living standards.

Vending machine has been developed greatly along with people’s rising consumption ability and living standards. Compared to Japan in which the vending machine industry has prevailed the market, China’s market for vending machines still has far to go. Nonetheless, vending machine market in China has seen over 25% annual growth for several years.

According to the study of Japan Vending System Manufacturers Association(JVMA) in 2016, there were 5.8 million sets of vending machines, ranking the top in the world regarding the per capita occupation of vending machine. Instead, China is the largest populous country all over the world, but the market development of vending machines is less developed and heavily unbalanced. The number of vending machines settled down in public areas is estimated at 20-30 thousand. In this case, vending machine market in China is much more potential, particularly during the period of robust development of payment tools in China.

When it comes to the product variety, Japan focus on the beverage vending which makes up 50% of the total while other daily supplies such as cigarette, fruit, magazine, umbrella and other electronic products take the rest of market share. In China, overwhelming progress has also made in industry innovation. Besides the drinks, mini KTV, ice cream and other consumable type vending machines are also developed and under operation.

China biggest vending machine magnet UBOX is of great repute for its innovative business mode and comprehensive product variety. As the loyal exhibitor of China VMF which is the leading vending machine show, UBOX displays its latest premium vending machines every year and wins the great favors of thousands of visitors. More importantly, it also earns a ton of sale leads and brand reputation by this excellent trade platform. In 2016, UBOX made annual turnover of 1.574 billion yuan. Its intelligent and automatic vending system are highly acclaimed.

Differing from the traditional vending machines, a new and rising karaoke house(what the Chinese call it mini KTV) business impresses China’s vending machine industry. And UBOX has also invested 60 million yuan on M-bar mini karaoke house. For each karaoke booth, 2 square meters are generally taken to provide people with a private room to sing aloud and enjoy the pleasant environment. The emerging mini karaoke house will embrace a mounting number of investment in the following months or even years in China.

A new revolution for vending machine is rising. If you eager to tap into Chinese vending machine market or learn about the latest technology or business form, China International Vending Machine&Self-service Facilities Fair (China VMF 2018) slated on March 4-6, 2018 is a stunning trade platform for you.

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