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Most-anticipated China VMF2018 Comes Back in NEXT March

Date:2018-04-10 14:04:45

The 6th China International Vending Machines & Self-service Facilities Fair(China VMF2018) slated on March 4-6, 2018 will return with expectations!
With accelerated globalization and information, China encounters a higher demand for industrial production and service efficiency. For years, a variety of automatic vending machines, self-service commercial equipment have been a new modern trend for shopping. Start-ups of automatic vending machines crowds into the industry and the turnover soars every year. Just during 2014-2016, the growth rate of domestic vending machines exceeded 110%.
Along with the overwhelming progress on economy and society, people’s demand for automatic vending machines is on the rise. China’s vending machinery industry will develop rapidly beyond imagination.
In view of the booming vending machinery market and huge consumption capability in China, the 6th China International Vending Machines & Self-service Facilities Fair(China VMF2018) spanning over an exhibition area of 21,000 square meters with 1,000 booths preset, projects to draw 300 exhibitors.

Stunning Success in 2017 Galvanizes China VMF2018 to Sparkle
China VMF2017 notched up a stunning success, whether it is on the exhibitor or visitor scale. With concerted efforts, more than 180 brand enterprises at home and abroad were present, such as Easy Touch, Ubox, Kubota, TKB, Fuji Electric, Easivend, Kimma, TCN, Xingyuan, Fu Lei, Foxconn, Yinhai Star, Convenisun, LE Vending, Yile, Joyi Vendor, En-snow Group, etc. During the three day exhibition, the visitors amounted to 38,000 person times, 21,008 of which were the professionals. Backed by such excellent line-up, the on-site turnover made a record number of 1 billion yuan. According to the survey, the buyers showed their supports and feedback to China VMF2017.
90%: high recommendation and approval
>80%: continue to attend the next session
>67%: willing to spend two days to visit
>65%: willing to order on site
It is their unyielding supports and trust that China VMF2018 sees a more prosperous outlook.

China VMF2018 on Global Promotion Campaign
China VMF2018 with more than ten years of accumulated resources and data, it devotes itself to inviting the targeted visitor by the means of media, email, fax, online promotion, magazine, telephone, and other effective approaches. The visitors engaging in industry associations, beverage, vending machinery operators, airplane, bus stations, hospitals, banks, theaters, museums, railway stations, subways, parks, exhibition centers, schools, KTV, cinema, hotel, shopping malls, etc. will be cordially invited to join us! A professional and productive exhibition will be staged!
In addition, the overseas promotion is in full swing to propel the booming development of automatic vending machines. Couple of international institutes have been in collaboration with China VMF2018 to organize the buyer groups from more than 80 countries like America, Japan, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Canada, Singapore and others to attend. Over 200 media contributes to the future success of professional buyers and exhibitors. Being devoted into building up an overall trade platform for the insiders or merchandisers, China VMF2018 is not to be missed!

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