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International Promotion of China VMF 2017 Making a Breakthrough

Date:2018-04-10 11:04:32

China Int’l Vending Machines & Self-service Facility Fair 2017 (China VMF 2017) is going to again meet with professionals at home and abroad next March at China Import and Export Fair Complex!Right now, the international promotion of China VMF 2017 is in full swing and a series of breakthroughs has been made. Let’s see the results of the organizing committee’s hard work!

Cooperation with Associations 
In order to better promote China VMF 2017 and extend its international influence, this November, the organizing committee has appointed the overseas organizer Ms. Eve Cheng to 2016 Worldwide Vending Industry Forum (Beijing) to discuss cooperation with international associations. At the forum, Eve was able to met with Ms. Lynae Schleyer, Vice President of National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) and invited NAMA to become our association partner. Ms. Lynae Schleyer accepted our proposition on the spot and expressed her willingness to help promote China VMF internationally. Established in 1936, NAMA now has a membership of over 1,100 enterprises,not a few of which are world-renowned brands. It can be concluded that NAMA plays a significant role in the industry. With the supports of such an authoritative association, China VMF will soon be able to exert greater influence over America, attract more exhibitors and visitors, and provide insiders with more opportunities to enter American market.



Eve has also encountered Mr. Erwin Wetzel, Director General of European Vending Association (EVA) and Mr. Aris Kaschefi, Vice President of EVA as well as head of Der Bundesverband der Deutschen Vending-Automatenwirtschaft e.V. (BDV). They had a deep conversation concerning cooperation with these two associations, and the other party showed strong intention to cooperate along with great interest in Chinese market. With over 20 years of history, EVA represents the interest of European coffee service and vending industry and is officially recognized as the reference organization of EU institutions in Brussels. As a leading industry association in Germany, BDV has about 350 members, most of whom are suppliers of vending machines, food or beverages.


The fruitful results of this trip to Beijing should be attributed to the years of efforts which China VMF has put into international promotion. Long before this trip, China VMF has already gained the staunch supports of many professional associations worldwide. For example, the international influence of China VMF has been highly acknowledged by Polish Vending Association. They said that they felt honored to be the cooperative association of China VMF, and promised to help invite their members to attend China VMF as well as expand China VMF’s influence over Poland, Europe and even the globe. At the same time, they will publish news and advertisement of China VMF on their own magazine Swiat Vendingu (World of Vending) and information of the show will be released through their website, Facebook, etc. Promotion video will also be put on their website. Mr. Aleksander Wasik, President of the association and Mr. Darek Czapiewsk are planning on organize a group tour to China VMF 2017 in an attempt to exchange experience with Chinese insiders. Mr. Takashi Kurosaki, Ex-Director General of Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association (JVMA), has attended China VMF for 3 years in a row. Highly recognizing the groundbreaking results that China VMF has gained in the last few years, Mr. Motozo Tsunekawa, new Director General of JVMA also actively assists us with promotion. What’s more, recently China VMF has also established partnership with Australian Vending Association (AVA) and Asociacion Regia Reguladora de Operadores Vending Activos (ARROVA).


Cooperation with Magazines
Thanks to the supports from international industry magazines, China VMF is able to be further increased its visibility. With a relatively high position in the industry, Vending International from UK will engage in deep cooperation with China VMF; it is the first time The Amusement Industry Catalogue from Russia established partnership with China VMF; magazines that have supported China VMF for 2 years or more include VENDING TIMES from America, Casino Life & Business, Casino Inside and Vending Inside from Romania, InterGame from UK, Your Vending from Ukraine, etc.

Cooperation With Professional Website 
Without the supports from professional websites, China VMF could never have succeeded. On the one hand, we for the second time join hands with websites like Automotive Technology Website from India, Vending TV and Vending News from Italy, YourGuide Vending from UK, etc, to gain wider publicity. On the other hand, more professional websites have joined them to be our media partners, such as Vendingconnection from America, one of the leading professional websites in the industry, Bmigaming.com and vendingportal.eu from Slovakia, etc.



Cooperation With Similar Exhibitions
Similar exhibitions are another important way to deliver show information to quality insiders. So far, China VMF has 7 exhibition partners from Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, etc and they are Myanmar Fuctional Food from Vietnam, VendExpo from Russia, ATRAX from Turkey, AMTECH EXPO from Iran, Expovending & OCS from Brazil, and so on.


China VMF does not only pay attention to the quantity and quality of international media partners, but also makes sure that our publicity covers all parts of the world in order to attract more quality international buyers and exhibitors and provide opportunities for attendees of China VMF to enter worldwide markets.  
On the 23rd and 24th of this November, the organizing committee of China VMF  co-organized with Asia-Pacific Vending Industry Association the 2nd APVA Summit Forum & 2017 China VMF News Conference. Hundreds of experts at home and abroad discussed and shared with us their original opinions and the event has been widely reported by over 100 media worldwide. It is believed that with such intense publicity, China VMF 2017 will be another annual grand event for the vending industry.  



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